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ENERGIZE your managers
EVOLVE your organization
DRIVE peak business performance

Manager overwhelm, stress, and burnout are costly business disruptors.  

Successfully navigating these challenges is both an art and a science.

We use both to help your organization find its sweet spot.





Customized culture and people strategy development and implementation support that enables:

  • Seamless team collaboration

  • Elevated manager performance

  • Turnarounds in engagement and retention

  • Growth of leaders who drive a vision not just manage tasks

dana campbell


Dana Campbell is the CEO of Optimize Corps, a people strategy consultancy which takes a holistic approach to sustainable people development and culture change. She brings more than 15 years in management consulting, where she guided organizations through seismic shifts in process, technology, and culture. Dana is recognized for her unique ability to win over the hearts and minds of stakeholders at all levels and to cultivate conscious leaders who drive sustainable change. She is committed to building resilient organizations that are primed to transcend rapid changes and pressures of the market place.

We’re stress resiliency experts who have extensive experience in the trenches developing leaders, driving cultural change, and helping managers improve personal and team resilience.

Our methodology is focused on achieving real business outcomes, not internal marketing campaigns.


One-to-one coaching partnerships that enhance manager performance by

  • Optimizing stress and reduces burnout

  • Unleashing agility in the face of change

  • Elevating operational and leadership capability


Structured group intensives that uplevel middle managers' capability and capacity for navigating change, leading initiatives, and fostering highly engaged teams.  


“Dana was a pleasure to work with, even during the planning stages. She was committed to balancing fresh concepts, with the company’s DNA. The team walked away from the experience with a new perspective on awareness and attitude, and how they can apply small changes to their everyday life, and reap significant results within their personal and professional life.”          


—Mark Scott, CEO, ECSCOTT Group


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